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What to Do if You Have a Stateless Child

Life for a stateless child can become very difficult as they get older. One problem is that many children do not realise that they are stateless until they are almost adults or have become adults. Stateless people are denied all sorts of rights because they are basically not the responsibility of any particular government or state.

As the parent of a stateless child, you naturally do not want your child to face difficulties as a result of not being a registered citizen in the UK. At the same time, when it comes to registering as a British citizen in the UK there may be all sorts of hurdles in the way. This can cause serious issues and problems for the parents and for the child as it gets older.

Getting legal assistance for a stateless child

If you have a stateless child, you should seek expert legal assistance as soon as possible so that you can take steps to rectify the situation. There are various conditions that have to be met in order to register your child as a British citizen, which can make things even more complicated and long-winded for parents that have no experience with or knowledge of citizenship regulations.

With the help of a legal expert who has specialist training and expertise in this particular area of the law, you can get the matter sorted out far more quickly and conveniently. Laws relating to immigration and citizenship are often amended or changed, which is likely to become even more of an issue as we head toward Brexit. However, a legal expert will always be up to date on the latest regulations, which means that you can help your stateless child to gain citizenship in the UK far more easily.

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