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I submitted my application for extension of leave to remain as a partner via Farani Taylor Solicitors, however the same was unreasonably refused since the Home Office maintained that I used deception to obtain the TOEIC certificate, which was simply not true. I then instructed Mr Shahzad Saeed to continue with the appeal of the decision in the Tribunal. Shahzad Saeed has guided me and assisted me throughout the process. I was fully informed throughout the entire time of the procedure and we finally obtained the long awaited result: the Judge granted the appeal and I was granted an extension of my leave to remain. I would recommend the firm and Mr Saeed in particular to anyone who has immigration issues.
Muhammad Fahad Awan
I approached Farani Taylor Solicitors where I met Mr Shahzad Saeed to discuss my and my family's immigration matters. Following the refusal of my application, I was advised by Mr Saeed to continue with the appeal. Mr Saeed's team prepared and guided me and my family throughout the entire appeal process, and eventually the Home Office agreed to give me and my family throughout the entire appeal process, and eventually the Home Office agreed to give me and my family leave to remain in the UK without going to the tribunal hearing. Needless to say we were extremely happy and relieved with this result. I recommend Shahzad Saeed and Farani Taylor Solicitors to anybody and recommend that all their immigration matters be forwarded to him as he has done such a fantastic work on my case. I have been explained to and supported throughout the process, and my family and I are extremely happy and pleased with this result. I am sure to come back to use Mr Saeed's services in the future. It was amazing service from the Farani Taylor team, very helpful. Special thanks to Shahzad Saeed, Dmytro Castro and Martina Ignatova.
Pareshkumar Patel
I came to Farani Taylor Solicitors and met Mr Shahzad Saeed to discuss my family's immigration matter. I was advised to submit an interim application and I was assisted all the way through. I have been informed about every step of the process and everything was explained to me clearly and in a professional way. An interim application was granted on the basis of my child, without the need of involvement by the court. I was extremely happy to hear this outcome. I recommend Shahzad Saeed to everybody and recommend that all their immigration matters be forwarded to him as he has done such fantastic work on my case. I have been guided and supported throughout the process, and my family and I are extremely happy and pleased with this result.
Faisal Ghaffar
I have been with Farani Taylor Solicitors since 2014. Their services are exceptional and there is no doubt on their services, legal expertise, client satisfaction. It has been a long relation with this firm and I really appreciate for their extraordinary services, especially Mr Ali Mahota, who is well equipped with all the legal experience and reputation.
Muhammad Adeel Tahsin
I am thankful and grateful to Farani Taylor Solicitors in general and Mr Ali Mahota in particular for their outstanding service. I feel that I was blessed and honored to have had them by my side claiming my appeal.
Ali Reza Bakhtari
I instructed Farani Taylor for my permanent residency application and my case was dealt with by Shahzad Saeed. I was fully guided by him on all processes and I received my permanent residency now. I highly recommend if you need any immigration help.  
Jyothis Joseph
Adeeb Chowdhry and the team at Farani Taylor LLP were a ray of hope at a time when I wasn’t sure what direction to take. They assessed my situation and provided the best way forward, throughout the process I was regularly updated as to the progress of my matter. Their prompt, efficient and thorough service gave me peace of mind that my matter was in the right hands and I was very happy at the successful outcome allowing me to move on. I would highly recommend Farani Taylor LLP and I would definitely be seeking their advice in the future.
Richard Rahim
I have a pleasure to be served in Farani Taylor by Khalid Mehmood. Throughout my application Mr Khalid has been very helpful and supportive towards my application also to make it successful.
Ghazala Tariq
Alizah is an exceptionally good lawyer. Her knowledge is first-rate, her research careful, her relationships with clients impressive, and her work is meticulous and an example of how immigration law should be practised. Any client who instructs Farani Taylor in general, and Alizah in particular, gets a very good service.
Amanda Jones at Great James Street Chambers
Zahur and his team provided an exceptional service, showing care and consideration during a sensitive time for the family. His professional approach ensured that we were constantly reassured and that our expectations in relation to our Wills were respected and met. I would unreservedly recommend the services of Farani Taylor.
Aisha Samad
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Adeeb for all the fantastic work you did for Seemant, and the justice you bought to him which he so rightly deserved. I was speechless when your brought me the good news. On behalf of Seemant I would like to thank you and the entire team of Farani Taylor who worked on his case and for bringing it to a successful close. It is apparent that your name is being echoed in Delhi and you have also made a mark within Virgin Atlantic Airways. This has also been noted from the feedback we have received from the Virgin Atlantic Management team.Thank you again for all of your hard work.
Vibhuti Tailor
Thank you very much for completing and sending my Will. It is a relief that we will be able to manage my financial affairs more professionally whilst also following the Islamic laws. I am less anxious now my Will has been finalised and was very happy with the way you managed it. I am also very grateful to you with the excellent tax planning advice you were able to provide to me.
Raz Miah
A lot of discussion took place with Zahur prior to the final version of the will. All was explained fully and I did not feel rushed. I now have a will all set up thanks to Zahur. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.
Salma Khan
I highly recommend Farani Taylor solicitors they have been handling almost every legal case related to immigration for me and many of my family members. Adeeb Chowdhry is highly skilled at what he does and Soneela was a great support throughout my case. The whole process could not have been much easier without their support and diligence.
Bushra Malik
I cam to Farani Taylor Solicitors for their expertise in the immigration area of law, and met Shahzad Saeed to discuss my family's immigration matter. A few weeks later we submitted an application to the Home Office for leave to remain on the basis of my family & private life. The application was submitted in light of my daughter having been in the country for over 7 years, which was granted by the Home Office without the need of involvement by the Court, as this is a notoriously complicated area. I recommend Shahzad Saeed to all Nepalese people living in London, and recommend that all their immigration matters be forwarded to him as he has done fantastic work on my case. I have been guided throughout the process, and my family and I are extremely pleased with the result.
Sanjeev Mainali
Very happy with Ali Mahota’s professionalism. Excellent work and I would definitely recommend Farani Taylor Solicitors and all the staff were brilliant. Ali Mahota is a great asset to Farani Taylor.
Deepesh Dhungal
I have been impressed by the level of service provided by Zahur and his team at Farani Taylors. Zahur spent a number of meetings with us and explained everything in detail and listened and answered our queries with much professionalism and patience. I thoroughly recommend Zahur and the services provided by Farani Taylor.
Shuaib Qureshi
My experience with Farani Taylor Solicitors has been excellent. Their level of work, communication and understanding is amazing. My solicitor, Adeeb Chowdhry, made sure I was aware of any updates and would provide the best possible and affordable outsource. He was with us the whole time and would give us hope the whole way through. We were successful with our case and I would definitely recommend the service as many of my family and friends had a successful case with them.
Bibi Rukshaar
Alizah Kazim is an experienced lawyer who has an excellent rapport with her clients and who always strives hard to achieve the best possible outcome for them.
Duran Seddon at Garden Court Chambers
My solicitor Mr. Adeeb has been a great help in my visa matter. His service is excellent and he is very understanding. He was able to break down complex issues and get us the result we wanted. I really recommend Farani Taylors and especially Mr. Adeeb Chowdhry
Sana Nauman
Farani Taylor helped my parents' application for settlement in the UK. They offer a very personalised and professional service. Their team of solicitors and advisors are approachable and I would strongly recommend Farani Taylor to a friend. The reason is that they know their stuff and want to help you out.
Dr. Sarim
I appreciated the care and concern with which Farani Taylor dealt with the case and the personal attention Farani Taylor provided. That the case was a success is very much due to your thoughtful and meticulous piecing together of the evidence and the care and consideration that went into it. Thank you very much.
Ms. Vinita Damodaran
I appreciate the most that I have been provided with the right legal advice and my file was really cared for. I would definitely recommend Farani Taylor because I was directed rightly and received a good result in a really short time.
Mr. H Erkol
Very professional and tactful in his advice in my matter. My matter consisted of two refusals. I gave the case to him and it was successful without any hassle!!!! I would recommend him for the best result. Rakesh dealt my case personally and professionally and very much accurate on advice. He helped me out through all process. One of the best solicitor i met. Thank you so so much.
Muhammad Azeem
Sanam Qaissar was a tremendous help when applying for my visa. Her knowledge of this complex case made the application process smooth and painless. My case was complex and I had no hope. It was Sanam who dealt with my case and managed to obtain my visa to my surprise. Sanam was always there to answer any questions I had and was extremely pleasant to deal with. Again, I would like to thank Sanam and Farani Taylor Solicitors for the assistance and support they gave me.
Shahrukh Ali
Alizah is not only efficient and willing in her work but she is thorough and makes every effort to address every detail
Grace Brown at Garden Court Chambers
I have been lucky enough to have Sanam as my legal advisor for my ECHR based case back in 2015. I found her to be a very kind, understanding, knowledgeable, focussed and determined individual whose untiring efforts alongside easy approachability for 'one-to-one discussions on the case' led us to succeed eventually. Will always acknowledge and admire her support
Qurat Adnan
My solicitor Mr Adeeb Chowdhry helped me for visa and company sponsor license. Service was excellent and I would like to recommend Farani Taylor Solicitors.
Naka Shun
There are many solicitors you are able to find in London but a professional Legal Advisor with a friendly and caring attitude is a rare. When I met Sanam Qaissar I felt relieved, she is someone who can give me hope when I was hopeless. She assured me when I could not decide what to do, she made sure I never gave up at the most difficult time of my life. She helped me from the first day she met me and stayed alongside me until I won my case. Over time she became like a family member and a friend and she is the one, SANAM QAISSAR. I highly recommend her as a professional representative and wish her success in every spare of life
Imtiaz Shafiq
My case was handled by Sanam Qaissar. She handled my case very well. The process was very easy and quick with her help and assurance. I was really scared about my interview with Home Office, but the way she assured me for interview I felt safe. The process was very quick, it took only 4 months to get my visa. She is the most helpful and polite Legal Advisor I have ever met, she worked over time to resolve my case. The best thing about her is that she is really passionate about her work and helped me out until I got my visa. I wish her all the best for her career and future…
Bushra A

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