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What are Child Care Proceedings?

Sally Masango discusses the importance of understanding Child Care Proceedings and our role in helping clients. Child Care Proceedings We, at Farani Taylor Solicitors, hold a legal Aid Franchise in Family Matters. Should your child...
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5 Star Review

Farhan Farani has received a glittering review from one of his clients, who felt so passionately about the quality of service that he wanted his review videoed.

Sole Representative Visa Route

Adeeb Chowdhry and Soneela Raheel discuss the fairly unknown Sole Representative Visa Application Route and how it is becoming increasingly more popular for business men and women across the world. The route has been overshadowed...
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Pride Month is Upon Us

It’s Pride Month and we want to highlight our support to LGBT+ people in need of legal services support, particularly asylum and immigration advice. We can also help ensure that you get valid legal services...
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Human Rights of Over-Stayers

Since the incorporation of European Human Rights into UK law the majority of applications submitted to the Home Office by over-stayers and illegal immigrants have been submitted as Human Rights claims. The threshold for seeking...
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The New Start-Up Visa

Change is a natural part of life, in fact change is the only constants in life, so one should be ready to embrace it  as ‘Without Change There Is No Progress’. To keep up the...
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