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New Start Up Visa Unveiled by the Home Secretary

In a recent announcement made during London Tech Week, government officials have revealed a new start-up visa scheme, which is aimed that entrepreneurs that want to come to the UK and start a new business. The new start-up visa scheme is part of a number of sweeping reforms that the government is making in relation to immigration and visas.

With this new route, the government hopes to make things easier for talented entrepreneurs that want to startup a business in the UK. It is aimed to speeding up the process as well as making it much simpler than the current one, which is aimed at graduates. Officials hope that this new visa route will expand the applicant pool of entrepreneurs with talent and ambition, enabling them to come to and contribute to Britain.

Maintaining the UK’s reputation

As part of the new startup visa, applicants will need to have endorsement from a university or from an approved sponsor in the world of business. Government officials said that it is important to maintain the UK’s reputation as one of the world leaders when it comes to global business talent. It is hoped that with this simpler and more streamlined startup visa, talented entrepreneurs can be encouraged to startup in the UK, which will then create more employment opportunities as well as benefit the economy.

The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, announced that the government is keen to continue attracting entrepreneurial talent to the UK in fields such as technology and innovation. He said that the migration process played a pivotal role in the ability to achieve this goal and the new visa would prove invaluable in this respect.

The changes are set to come into force in the early part of 2019 and the government will continue to provide updates up until that time.

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