Asylum and Human Rights

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Asylum is the procedure for providing protection to an individual, given to someone who is suffering persecution in their own country and seeks a place of safety. The United Kingdom has always been eminent for providing safety to genuine refugees.

However, refugees are often refused protection because they are not considered to be in strong enough need of it. In many cases, the authorities require the migrant to leave the United Kingdom and take steps to remove those who are in receipt of false claims.

To be considered a fugitive, you must provide evidence of being unable to return because of persecution risks. The United Kingdom abides by the European Convention on Human Rights which involves the prevention of sending someone to a country where they may be exposed to a real risk of harassment, torture, punishment, inhumane or degrading treatment.

If you do not qualify for asylum, there are other options available that could allow you temporary permission to stay in the United Kingdom.

Making a claim under the Human Rights Laws can be very complicated and stressful. You are only given one chance to present the best possible case to the Home Office, so it is mandatory you seek professional guidance in order to minimize the risk of being turned away.

Our experienced lawyers will make an initial assessment and will advise you immediately as to whether you have a strong enough case to present to the authorities. We believe in supporting our clients throughout the process, without wasting time and prolonging any stress or uncertainty.

At Farani Taylor, our solicitors use their expertise to provide you with the best advice and guidance with your case. If you are involved in any such situation, contact us today on 0207242 1666 and together we will figure out your best options.

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