In the last few years, various types of appeals have undergone many changes, complicating the UK’s immigration process. This can make it difficult to know where you stand.

At Farani Taylor, we have solicitors who specialise in appellate work, including against sentence and conviction. We have an enthusiastic team who persistently ensure none of these new changes in regulation could affect their client.

If any decision has not been in an applicant’s favour, they may have rights to appeal, depending on the case. We understand that in many situations, wrongful decisions may be made. However, these can be challenged. The process of appeal varies in complexity for different types of appeal stages. It is essential to seek professional assistance in order to understand the complexity of details and consequences. At Farani Taylor, our well experienced solicitors understand and thoroughly analyse your case to provide you with an expert opinion. We provide practical advice and comprehensive information according to the best practice at every stage of the appeal. Some of the appeal types are:


An immigration appeal is for a person who has applied to enter or stay in the United Kingdom. These can be settlement applications or non-settlement, for example, long term i.e. marriage or a short term visa i.e. student. However, applications refused under the Points Based System outside the United Kingdom have a limited right of appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal.


An asylum appeal is for a person who is evidently under threat in their own country and seeks protection from the United Kingdom, for example, during the times of civil war.

Visit Visa

A visit visa appeal is for a person who has been refused permission to visit a family member living in the United Kingdom.

Human Rights

A human right appeal is claimed when there is a breach of basic human rights.

Others including Bail, Conviction, Sentence, etc.

If you need legal support with any of the appeals or consultancy about the procedure, our team of specialist lawyers are available to help. Contact us today.

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