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Gustavo Bussmann

Human Rights Lawyer joins Farani Taylor

Farani Taylor Solicitors is very proud to welcome Gustavo Bussmann as part of the team.

Gustavo Bussman

He is an expert in Human Rights and International Law. He has 7 years experience and is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. He has dealt with a range of cases including some brought to the Supreme Court and International Courts. As an invaluable member of the Farani Taylor team, he can assist in various areas of Human Rights and Immigration Law.

Gustavo has an academic masters, a published book and is finishing his Ph.D. studies.

Notable Cases

Gustavo’s notable cases include the protection of vulnerable people and issues involving persecution on the basis of race, religious beliefs or sexuality (in which he specialises). At Farani Taylor he is now working with immigration and human rights cases in Mr Amer Rahman’s team and available for a free consultation that can be booked at

Law Society Scheme for Migrant Lawyers

Through the Law Society, the firm joins this programme to share knowledge, experience and best practice with practitioners from around the world offering work experience and the tools to skilled workers shape and polish their careers. In this programme, draft skills and research are stimulated and discussions about case law and strategies happen on a daily basis.

Farani Taylor Inclusivity

At Farani Taylor we embrace diversity in all its forms and are strongly committed to inclusivity at every level. We believe in treating each person as an equal individual and behaving in a way which is respectful and dignified. We expect all of our employees to do this too and we actively avoid discrimination in all of our relationships with clients, employees, third parties or any other person – and this is another reason why we are more than happy to welcome Gustavo.

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