Unlawful Eviction

Unlawful eviction

Our experience tells us that there are landlords and letting agents who sometimes try to cut corners and evict tenants from their properties without first obtaining a possession order and notice of eviction.

Under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977, it is unlawful to evict a tenant who has a tenancy agreement without a court order. There are tenants who occupy properties on the basis of a licence or lodger agreements which do not attract the same security of tenure. However, even if you are occupying a property based on a licence or lodger agreement, there is no harm in seeking legal advice as you might be covered under the Act.

If it is proven that a landlord has unlawfully evicted you from a rented property, you may be entitled to damages under the Act. It is also possible (provided that you want to move back in to the property) to apply to the court for an injunction order requiring them to allow you back into the property. If the landlord has seized your personal possessions, you could also apply to the court for the delivery up of those possessions.

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