Tenancy Succession

What is tenancy succession?

The law states that a deceased tenant’s spouse/partner or cohabitee can succeed a tenancy if they were occupying the dwelling as their principal home at the time of the deceased’s death.

Recent changes in the law have meant that immediate family no longer would automatically succeed a tenancy. There are times whereby the deceased’s family may be able to succeed however, it requires analysis of the provisions of the tenancy or social housing policies.

Being able to succeed a tenancy could be extremely valuable to family members. An example of which would be the right to buy the property at a discount amount.

If you meet or believe you could meet the criteria as to whether you could succeed a deceased tenancy, our reputable and experienced solicitors can help you. Depending on the facts of the case, if the local council or social landlord refuses to transfer the tenancy to you, the decision can be challenged through the Court. Our team has acted for many clients in the past in respect of tenancy succession and they have achieved fantastic outcome for them.

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