Anti-Social Behaviour and Committal Proceedings

What should you do if issued anti-social behaviour proceedings?

If your local housing authority or social landlord has issued proceedings in the County Court for an Injunction Order under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, our dedicated team can assist you in defending the case all the way including the final hearing subject to merit assessment. 

In addition, we can represent you in the County Court in respect of an application for committal on the basis of an alleged disobedience of a Court Order that is instigated by the local housing authority or social landlord against you. 

Our excellent team of housing solicitors have a fantastic track record of successfully defending the proceedings named above. Therefore, if and when such proceedings are issued against you and you require assistance, you are welcome to contact us. Where there are weaknesses in your case, we will advise you accordingly so that you can make a sound decision before the matter is escalated any further.

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