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Home Office Immigration Fees Skyrocket

The Home Office have announced a surplus of £500 million last year according an investigation by the Times. The report shows that the Home Office profits are up by 91% over the past five years.

Those applying for indefinite leave to remain in the UK have been hit by huge fee increases. It is reported that they have increased by 119% over the past five years.

Should you go down the usual route to apply for Leave to Remain in the UK over 11 years. Under the current fees it would cost £11,901 in Home Office application fees. This figure excludes any legal fees charged by Solicitors.

The reason for the High Fees is that unlike other government departments, the Home Office immigration system is self-sufficient. Therefore, the surplus subsidises the £2.7 billion in border and immigration expenditure.

In a report conducted by the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, David Bolt. He questioned whether the Home Office fees are impacting the wellbeing of individuals, families and children.

Those applying for Visas need to be aware of all the fees. We believe using a firm like us can help understand those fees. The impact of getting an application wrong or making simple mistakes could lead to deportation or further application fees.

What else is being discussed?

Priti Patel, the new Home Secretary, announced that she would raise the levels of earnings for immigrants to at least £36,700 after Brexit. This would provide a further stumbling block for those wanting to come to the UK. Employers would have to be willing to offer that sort of minimum salary. The threshold will not cover the likes of the NHS.

Further, Patel herself has endorsed the idea of an Australian style points-based system. She however has yet to outline what this approach would look like. Only addressed the need to streamline the process of applying for a Visa, but this proposal is likely to increase application fees further over the years.

The Points Based System would cause a potential issue for low skilled migrants. Firstly the threshold for earning £36,700 would be not be achievable for some employers. Secondly because it would be difficult to measure those with low or no qualifications willing to work in industries such as hospitality, construction, agriculture, food and drinks processing and social care.

It is hoped that the Home Office provide some more detail to outline the stance the Government are going to take.

If you are looking to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain or apply for a Visa in the UK, then contact us on 0207 242 1666 or email us.

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