Caribbean Citizenship

The Caribbean, located in the Caribbean Sea, south east of the Gulf of Mexico, is made up of 13 sovereign states. It is a beautiful area of the World with fantastic rich history. The area is known for its tourism, but further there is a number of business investors attracted to the area.

Citizenship by Investment in the area, is not simply about buying a new passport but about becoming part of the community. The money raised through their Citizenship programmes is used to transform the developing areas and help the population through building of schools, hospitals, agriculture, business and renewable energy.

It may be essential for you to obtain a second citizenship due to factors outside of your control. Citizenship by investment could help you grow your business internationally and allow you to invest elsewhere.

There are two options for Caribbean Citizenship:

  1. Government Donation: a non-refundable government donation.
  2. Real Estate Investment: invest in a CBI approved developer real estate project.

We work with partner firms who can assist with the advice on the options. You can call us on 0207 242 1666 or email us.

global citizenship program

Investors and global citizenship

International investors invest in great businesses, not in a country. You could be missing out on global opportunities that allow you to build your portfolio and allow you to travel freely. Those with the means can stimulate global growth not just national growth. Every nation is looking for great minds to help push growth.

best immigration solicitors

Two passports – two lives

Someone quoted an amazing line, ‘having two passports is equal to living two lives due to the amazing possibilities of opportunities’ and it is so true. With a second passport, you do not need to renew your home country’s passport before you can go on a journey…

visa acquisition

Easy visa acquisition

More often than not, entrepreneurs face difficulties when applying for a visa each time they need to travel for business. The visa application process is lengthy especially for those who travel a lot and will need to fill in all the places they have visited for the past five years. This route can help.