Islamic Sharia Divorce

Just like English Law, both spouses are entitled to obtain an Islamic divorce and we are instructed by both men (Talaq) and women (Khula) who want a divorce. We have male and female lawyers on the Islamic law team who can assist.

Our lawyers work closely with Muslim counselors, religious scholars and Sharia Councils to ensure you have a Sharia-compliant divorce.

Nikah Nama – Islamic marriage contract

If you require an Islamic marriage contract (Nikah Nama), our team can advise and draft a bespoke contract for you both and your future spouse.

Mahr – marriage gift

If you need assistance in deciding the Mahr that should be given by the groom upon marriage, we can help. (This would mean due consideration of the groom’s financial situation.) Our team of lawyer also offers guidance and negotiation at the time of payment of the Mahr and if it should be referred to as security payable in the event of divorce.

Talaq (male-initiated divorce)

We can assist with negotiation in respect of the Sharia divorce process for men and liaise with Sharia Councils nationwide, as appropriate.

Khula and Faskh (female-initiated divorce)

We can assist females to initiate the Sharia divorce process through Sharia Councils nationwide, as appropriate.

Iddat (waiting) Period

We can offer women advice on the waiting period before the Islamic divorce can be concluded.

Annulment of a marriage

There can be instances when it is sensible to annul the marriage under the Islamic and civil law, for example in the case of a forced marriage. Our team can guide and assist our clients throughout this process.

Sharia divorce services

If you are struggling to identify which Sharia Council should be instructed to help with your case, our team can assist you to make a choice with our advice and recommendations.

Islamic marriage guidance and mediation

If you are looking for counseling and mediation to help you with any difficulties in your marriage, we work with a specialist, highly confidential Muslim counselor. We can also refer to religious scholars who can help you through mediation.