Going through a divorce or separation is never easy. It is one of the most emotional and trying circumstances any individual can go through.

As well as the practical issues that need to be dealt with, such as living arrangements, childcare and separating finances. Also the legal process can have a huge effect, both mentally and physically, on all those affected.

This process can be made all the more difficult if significant assets such as your wealth, house, property, businesses, and investments are involved.

That is the very reason why you need the correct divorce solicitors by your side to guide you through these critical times.

Reputation for the Best Advice

Farani Taylor has one of the most experienced Family Law departments in the UK. We have garnered an industry-wide reputation as one of the best around. This is due to our vast knowledge and quality of our advice.

Individual, Tailored and Personal Service

Our tailored service means that you will receive the best advice and support from the very beginning. In addition, we will assign you with your very own divorce solicitor who will offer pragmatic and sensible advice.

Farani Taylor will provide powerful advocacy to ensure the situation remains hassle free and easy.

Easing You through the Process

Our vast experience means that we understand every situation is different. This is why we always advise that you consult a fully qualified and experienced divorce solicitor as early as possible.

Our divorce lawyers will sort through the complexities. Therefore advise you as to where you stand, guiding you every step of the way.


At Farani Taylor, our experience has seen us work on a number of cases, representing all types of situations and circumstances. We work with a wide range of clients, from those requiring legal aid to City professionals, from our offices in London.

This flexibility allows our divorce lawyers to provide the best service to suit your individual needs. We work flexibly to ensure that we can meet at times that suit you as well as listening to your concerns and desires, acting decisively in accordance with them.

We Work With You

Our aim is to work with you through the entire process. This means our specialist divorce team is always available to support, guide and help you.

Due to our experience in this industry, we have forged strong partnerships with a range of advisors across a number of disciplines, so our clients are assured with the knowledge that everything is being managed.

Range of Services

Our comprehensive range of family law services include:

  • Divorce
  • Financial Settlements
  • Children – in private and public law
  • Prenuptial Agreements

If you would like to speak to our divorce lawyers, please feel free to contact our team of specialist divorce solicitors on 0207 242 1666.

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