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Expert Reports on LGBTI+ Rights

Halfway through the LGBT History Month, Farani Taylor Solicitors is delighted to celebrate that Gustavo Bussmann, part of our Immigration Team, is now referred as an expert in LGBTI+ rights by the Experts Directory of EIN.

The Electronic Immigration Directory (EIN) is an important source of information on immigration and asylum case law, as well as detailed reports about countries’ situations; being the UK’s largest specialist provider in the matters, it helps practitioners all over the country and support immigrants, asylum seekers, students, journalist, judges, academics and researchers.

The coincidence of this appointment and the celebration of the History Month is important as this year’s theme is Peace, Activism and Reconciliation. It is vital to understand the past and how much of the history of the fight for LGBTI + rights shaped our reality to be able to propose changes and to enable the community to thrive. Farani Taylor is committed with this fight and with embracing diversity in all its forms, ensuring to promote equality and diversity.

With experience in the field and about to publish a Ph.D. thesis about the international protection of LGBTI+ identities, Gustavo Bussmann consistently works with these matters and is willing to provide reports and to support LGBTI+ people in their legal matters. In asylum and immigration matters, especially, this role is essential as it is a difficult battle to collect evidence of (fear) of persecution and to establish that a client is, indeed, non-heterosexual.

The lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people are essential to a diverse and tolerant society as they make a vital contribution to culture and economy. Their protection and the respect for their basic human rights and for the expression of their identities is the only way for peace to be achieved. Therefore, it is important to understand how this community of people continue to face significant barriers to their participation in public life.

Mixing professionalism, excellent academic skills and activism, our commitment at Farani Taylor to help and support LGBTI+ people is the key for inclusivity and the transformation of our society. With the awareness of the importance of this month celebrations and proud to have the acknowledgement of Mr Bussmann as an expert, we reinforce our commitment to the cause and to the best practices to represent our clients and to provide them with the best services, legal representations and expert reports.

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