Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence or abuse is present across all societies and communities irrespective of the gender, colour, income, relation and sexual orientation. It includes mental and physical abuse, threats and intimidation from a close family member.

It can be a pattern of behaviour that has occurred over a period of time or it can be a one off incident. It could be as damaging and petrifying for anyone who witnesses it, as it is for the victim themselves. The effects can be complex and daunting.

Physical assault, emotional manipulation, verbal abuse, psychological abuse and financial control are just some of the issues defined by domestic violence. It is an assault which can bring criminal charges, civil orders against the abuser, or exclusion from their property.

Whether you live with a violent partner or you are experiencing violent threats or abusive behaviour from an ex-partner, there are certain laws that can help protect you against such threats. If you are experiencing domestic violence, you are concerned for a child’s safety or if you know someone who may be suffering, our experienced lawyers at Farani Taylor can take effective legal steps for safety.

In many cases, you may be concerned and worried that the person you seek protection from will find out that you are getting legal advice. We understand the difficult situations of our clients who are suffering and provide absolute confidentiality. We work closely with you to ensure your safety.

However, if you feel that you are in immediate danger then you should call the police for urgent assistance. It is recommended that you take photographs of any injuries caused by domestic violence as evidence, and that you inform your GP as soon as possible. It is also recommended that you leave your home for your own immediate protection, if required, and it is important to take any children with you, regardless of the risk. These are some of the initial steps you should take and it is essential to obtain professional assistance from lawyers who are experienced in this area of law.

Over many years, our solicitors have gained experience and learned that each individual situation is different. We will listen sensitively and understand no matter what situation you are in, we will give you straight forward advice so you can decide what the best option for you is. Call us today on 020 7242 1666 for an initial assessment.

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