Debt Recovery

In difficult economic times, it is becoming more common for debts to arise. Leaving companies with unpaid invoices. This can put your own company in financial difficulty. So regardless of the circumstances, it is essential to follow up on debts that you are owed.

Here at Farani Taylor we have a specialised collections team who have a proven track record of success in securing payments.

Why Chose Us?

We understand the importance of rapid action and deal with each case in a responsible way. Taking away the stress of having to chase repayment. Contacting debtors and trying to obtain the monies owing can take up a massive chunk of your time. Preventing you from carrying out more profitable tasks for your business. When we take on your debt recovery, this not only releases you from the psychological pressure. It also frees up your time to work on your business.


At Farani Taylor we appreciate that how we deal with debt recovery will reflect on your business. So you can trust us to be both firm and understanding. We deal with each debtor as an individual. In some cases, a simple letter from a solicitor can be sufficient to trigger payment but some cases may require court action.

Following on from the first letter, we will chase debtors by phone to attempt to agree a repayment. In cases of financial hardship we can set up an instalment programme. If you are happy for us to do so.

We always work with cost-effectiveness in mind so we will assess the full facts of every case. Providing you with our recommendations for action. Our ultimate aim is to recover the debt quickly, efficiently and as amicably as possible. This not only protects your reputation but keeps costs down.

Our team of have excellent negotiating skills. They are extremely adept at persuading debtors to pay. We will never go ahead with legal action without your consent or agreeing the costs.

Even when court action is necessary, the debtor will be liable for the majority of the costs, plus contractual or statutory interest. We can also offer in-house dispute resolution if you prefer to avoid court action.

We have experience in all areas of debt collection from sole traders and SMEs to large corporations. The impact of non-payment is something that every business should take seriously, and we’re here to help. All of our work is carried out on a no-collection, no-fee basis (other than disbursements) and in the event of success, our fees are based on the amount of debt we recover.

Contact our specialist team of debt recovery experts at Farani Taylor today on 0207 242 1666 for a free, no-obligation discussion.

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