When you undergo treatment with a health practitioner, it’s reasonable to expect a certain level of care and diligence. Although every procedure may have potential side effects, if you have suffered as a result of negligence, incompetence or lack of care, Farani Taylor can help.

We offer our services on a no-win, no-fee basis as we believe that everyone deserves to be able to access expert support when they’ve been a victim of clinical negligence. With our proven track record and many years of experience, we can secure you the financial compensation you deserve.

The vast majority of the medical profession acts with the utmost care and competence, providing excellent quality of care. However, on the isolated occasions when an error is made, the consequences can be devastating. In these cases we will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you receive the financial compensation which you are entitled to.

To be eligible to receive compensation for clinical negligence, sometimes also called medical negligence, the following evidence must be obtained:

Another medical professional must agree that the individual failed to act in the same way another doctor or nurse would have

Another medical professional must agree that the consequences you suffered would not otherwise have occurred.

The presence of these two factors demonstrates liability and causality. The sooner you contact us after the episode, the better your chances will be of getting the compensation you deserve. The field of clinical negligence can be complex, and each one is very different. We have vast experience in dealing with these cases and have steadily built a reputation for being the experts who can help.

Our team of law professionals at Farani Taylor liaise with other medical experts to get the evidence we need to prove your case. We understand this is likely to be a period of extreme distress and suffering and will always proceed with sympathy and consideration. We will manage all aspects, helping to relieve you from as much psychological and emotional stress as possible while you recover.

It is impossible to compile a definitive list of clinical negligence as every individual is different but here are some of the circumstances which we can help with:

Delayed diagnosis


Birth injury

Cosmetic surgery

Spinal injuries

Complications from anaesthesia

Brain or spinal injury

Surgical errors

Errors with medication

Negligence with care at home

Fatal negligence

If you are suffering because of clinical negligence, contact us today on 020 7242 1666 for a free consultation.

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