Representative Visa FAQs

We are often asked questions about the representative visa route. We have put together a series of questions that are commonly asked by our clients.

Is income from all offices around the world subject to UK tax regime, or just the new UK office?

No. UK earnings are only subjected to UK Tax regime.

What are the total costs of setting up a office in the UK?

It is difficult to answer this question accurately, but is likely to be in the region of £9,000 or more.

Cost depends on the size of your business, office size etc.

Our fees are likely to be approximately £6,000+VAT. There are various disbursements including £610 Home Office Fee and £1200 IHS Fee.

It is unlikely my personal bank account has ample funds, is that an issue?

It would be fine so long as your salary is reflected by your bank accounts.

Is there an expected investment in the first three years that needs to be outlined in the business plan?

A business plan is a forecast of projected business operations including investment. However, markets change and may mean that you require more investment or less investment in the UK office.

In the initial stages, the company needs to establish itself and therefore requires investment.

What is the minimum balance the company should have for this application?

The turnover is considered not the current balance. The company needs to be well established overseas and prove that the Head Office can handle the expenses of the UK office when required. However, there is no minimum balance.

What is the percentage of tax for a company in UK ?

The company pays corporation tax, at the following rates:

Small profits rate
(companies with profits under £300,000)

Main rate
(companies with profits over £300,000)

What are the running costs for the UK branch?

It depends upon the company’s expenditure such as cost for rental premises, employees, computes and technology , stationery, company vehicles etc.

What are the common reasons for refusal?

Refusal could be anything from poor governance to the experience of the company.

Remember that the majority shareholder cannot be the sole representative of the UK office.

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