Employer Sponsor Licence Application

UK based employers looking to recruit skilled workers from outside the UK including EU nationals from early 2021 must be registered and authorised by the Home Office. Our corporate team can help you make the necessary sponsor licence application. As part of our service we will advise you of the documents required for the application and complete your application.

The Home Office will look at whether the organisation is “honest, dependable and reliable”, and capable of meeting the responsibilities that it expects from sponsor licence holders.

As an approved employer you must have a human resource and recruitment systems in place to meet, or continue to meet their sponsor duties — the Home Office will judge this by either visiting the sponsor before or after the licence is granted.

That Home Office can visit and conduct checks to ensure that the sponsor duties are being complied with. The assessment is carried out at the employer’s premises and can be unannounced.

Whether you are a start-up or a multi- national organisation our team of experts can assist you with the complete application process.

The sponsor licence application is technical and it is important to ensure that you fully comply with the immigration rules and policies before making the application, if your application is refused there is no right of appeal. There is a six month cooling off period before you can make a new application. 

Corporate Immigration Team