Farrah Iqbal

Farrah Iqbal



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As a conveyancing paralegal I am fully qualified to undertake the conveyancing process on your behalf, and generally also have wider training and experience in other aspects of the law. The expertise I hold is useful if you are dealing with other financial and legal matters at the same time as buying your new home, such as drawing up or amending your will. In England and Wales all practising solicitors are registered with the Law Society and the profession is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

As a conveyancing paralegal I fulfil different roles dependent on whether you are buying, selling or both. My main role is to ensure that the transaction goes through legally, and to deal with all the small details. Things like working out what is included in buying the property, carrying out local searches and conferring with the seller/buyer’s solicitors to choose a suitable completion date.

I have the legal expertise in drafting a sales contract and transfer in order to successfully complete.

I hold vast experience in drafting a Lease whether it be commercial or residential.

As a conveyancing firm we are able to deal with various lenders.