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Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Rakesh Prajapati discusses Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants. This article was recently published.

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What is Amnesty?

Amnesty is an offer to the undocumented migrants to regularize their status in the UK. It is a proposal statement, not a law, which is currently seeking parliamentary attention and discussion for the approval. The proposal is strongly supported by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson which he has been talking about in his various speeches since he was Mayor of London.

The idea behind Amnesty is to bring the illegal immigrants out of the shadow economy, and make them to pay the taxes and to contribute properly into the society. This is also to provide a basic rights and protection of the law to those who are far more vulnerable to exploitation, in the similar manner as it is being obtained by those who are born or formally settled in the UK.

There are enough evidences that the amnesties strengthen the society as the migrants are better able to integrate into the British society, with their longer stay, than those who have not put down the roots yet. The examples are the Amnesty of 1986 which was offered by Ronald Reagan, and of 2005 in Spain which raised extra tax revenue from every naturalized migrant. An amnesty would simply not increase the actual population of Britain, against the population statistics, as these people are already living in the UK anyway.

There were exchanges in the Commons, and a Parliamentary petition was raised to rule out the prospect of granting an Amnesty to illegal migrants. The petition attracted over 35,500 signature so far and concluded by the Home Office in November 2019. There is a suggestion that whoever has been residing in the UK for past 10 years with no criminal record (except overstaying), and having his or her application pending with Home Office will be subjected to the Amnesty. No doubt, there are lobby groups who oppose the idea of Amnesty however there is no sign that the prime minster has changed his mind about the need of Amnesty. Nonetheless, it entirely depends on political discussion and its outcome.

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