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At Farani Taylor you won’t find a typical law firm; we believe in offering the extraordinary with personal services tailored just for you. As an international law expert, we offer global services and have been instrumental in achieving success for our clients from many countries.

We are part of our community and offer top quality legal services that meet your needs. Whether you’re local or get in contact from afar, we can offer a team of law experts which are quite simply unparalleled.

In the modern world, no nation exists in isolation and we work tirelessly with our clients across borders. Our solicitors are multilingual which means that cross border communication is never a barrier, whether that’s assisting with immigration or structuring an international business.

We have experts located all over the world so no matter where you are, if you need our help, we’re never more than a phone call away. We offer legal advice and help to individuals, businesses, celebrities, high net worth clients and families alike, providing guidance on critical subjects that can transform lives.

How We Can Help

At Farani Taylor we offer a wide range of expert skills and services and are considered to be leaders in many different fields. Click on either our individual services or business services pages to find out more:

Many of these are specialist areas but we have the necessary skills and experience to help with even the most complex of cases. For more details about any particular area of expertise, please click on the subject to read further information.

Who We Are

Farani Taylor has a core base of employees of more than 40 individuals, all of whom have been handpicked for their outstanding commitment to quality and professional knowledge and expertise.

We have offices in Central London, Ilford and Dubai and provide high quality legal advice across a range of sectors.

Our team is multi-lingual and we pride ourselves on offering a global service which is accessible to clients from any country in the world. Whether it’s an immigration issue or a cross border business, we have stand-out skills which really set us apart from everyone else.

Over the past ten years we have worked tirelessly to build on our foundation and have only recruited legal professionals who shared our vision. Our team of professionals not only possess the technical knowledge but are also friendly, approachable and have a real passion for helping others.

Our approach means that our team at Farani Taylor comprises the brightest talent in the field who are forward thinking, innovative and with strong ethics. We are confident that we offer the very best, exceeding expectations at every opportunity and delivering customer service which is unbeatable.

Strong Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

We embrace diversity in all its forms and are strongly committed to inclusivity at every level. We believe in treating each person as an equal individual and behaving in a way which is respectful and dignified. We expect all of our employees to do this too and we actively avoid discrimination in all of our relationships with clients, employees, third parties or any other person.

We respect diversity in every way and will not draw distinctions between individuals due to:


Religion or Beliefs




In order to achieve the above, we ensure all of our employees have diversity training and promote equality and opportunity wherever possible.

Committed to Our Values

Being a qualified legal expert with outstanding academic achievements isn’t enough to be part of Farani Taylor. All of our professionals are committed to our vision which includes providing the highest quality of service.

We believe that to move forward with effectiveness and cohesion, it’s essential for everyone at Farani Taylor to have the same belief in diversity, excellence and honesty. We also expect our employees to have the same thirst for self improvement as we do, continuing their journey of professional development.

Our company has blossomed from its humble beginnings to become an internationally-respected legal firm with a reputation for excellence. It has been exhilarating to experience our growth and success but we continue to demand more. By investing in our employees and the business, and by ensuring we remain focussed on delivering high quality we believe we can build on our existing success and reach even more people who need our help.

Trust Our Experience and Quality

We only operate within law which means with us, you’ll receive a dedicated service which is specialised. We don’t dilute our expertise by diversifying into other types of services, and we have an outstanding breadth of experience with professionals who specialise in a variety of areas.

We hold the Lexcel Mark which is the Law Society’s mark of quality, confirming that we are compliant in every way with their rigorous Practice Management Standards.

All of our legal professionals are very experienced with an excellent range of knowledge and experience. However, if you require a very high level of expertise we can allocate your case to a specialised member of the team who has outstanding knowledge in the area you need.

Affordable Legal Advice

Whatever your personal circumstances, we believe in offering affordable legal advice that is practical, helpful and honest. Our aim is to be accessible to as many people as possible and we offer a range of payment solutions including Legal Aid and no-win, no-fee. We offer a free, initial consultation at no obligation. This allows us to provide you with an accurate assessment of whether we can help, and what we could offer.

To find out how we could help you today with any of the above, or something else, please call us on 020 7242 1666 or email us at info@faranitaylor.com. We are the experts who are happy to help.

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