Daily Archives: June 23, 2018

How to File for Divorce While Looking After the Best Interests of Your Children

Divorce can be hugely stressful on both parties that are involved but when there are children involved, it can become extremely complicated as well. Every year, many couples go through divorce for one reason or another, but naturally their children become a main concern while going through this difficult and stressful process. Every couple hopes that their divorce will run smoothly and most will do all that they can to look after the best interest

Changes to Immigration Policies Announced by UK Government

An announcement has recently been made by UK government officials in relation to changes that are being made to immigration policies in Britain. The changes are aimed at providing support and protection to more vulnerable residents as well as encouraging talented and skilled people to study and work in the UK. One of the major changes that have been outlined in relation to Immigration Rule concerns a new form of leave for children. This change

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