An island nation that comprises 6 Caribbean islands. A country with fantastic weather and beaches. With an economy that is strongly linked to its tourism and manufacturing. Grenada has a relatively new investment for citizenship programme , and offer a passport that allows visa free access to over 130 countries that includes the Schengen treaty countries, United Kingdom and an easy route to certain US visas.

The citizenship has a lifetime allowance for family and children and includes no residency or visitation requirement in order to fulfil citizenship criteria.

With a fast processing time of up to 2 months and a lower cost investment requirement Grenada is a highly attractive place to apply for citizenship. To qualify for the passport you must either, donate $200,000 USD to the NTF fund, or purchase $350,000 USD in real estate.

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Program Facts

  • Short process time of 2 to 3 months.
  • A passport is initially valid for 5 years with no visitation requirement to Grenada
  • Good flight links to London, America and Europe.
  • There is also no wealth or income tax in Grenada.

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