Abduction refers to the act of illegally taking away a child from their custodial parents by somebody that does not have any custodial or parental rights over the child.

Abduction is a very serious offence, regardless of the country you are in. Legally, abduction is regarded as a “breach of custodial rights”. When such an event takes place outside the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, in a foreign territory, conflicting jurisdictional laws may become a problem.

Every country has its own laws regarding custodial rights, with their own geographical limitations. When a child is taken overseas, problems may arise as the countries involved may have conflicting jurisdiction.

Child abduction can result in devastating consequences, such as, the loss of access to the child, the violation of child’s rights, the loss of nationality, and severe emotional and psychological damage to the child and their family.

At Farani Taylor, we understand that cases of abduction in foreign jurisdiction can be very severe and they may result in serious consequences. However, we have a team of solicitors with international experience who have the expertise to deal with such legal affairs.

Our policy is to keep clients well-informed and aware of any progress. We explain all the available options, providing legal advice on what decisions are best, based on our experience.

We also understand that dealing with conflicting laws will involve insight into the legal framework of the foreign country. These types of cases can be very daunting for individuals who are not familiar with foreign laws, customs and practices.

Farani Taylor have a team of multi-lingual solicitors who have a deep understanding of foreign cultures and their legal frameworks.

Matters can become complicated when it comes down to conflicting jurisdiction, but with our expert legal advice at your service, you can be assured that you have a team that will secure the best solution for you.

If you have any question related to Abduction in a Foreign Jurisdiction, do feel free to contact a member of staff in the Family Law team by calling 020 3301 6666.

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