A country with a citizenship through investment policy, that gives the investor a lifetime citizenship with no taxes unless you decide to reside in Dominica. The island has a rainforest climate and has no international airports based on the island.

Dominica has a slower comparative process time of getting a passport and citizenship that can last up to ten months. However the passport does allow visa free access to over 50 countries. Including the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and Caribbean nations. The passport lasts has a validity for 10 years.

The country has a simple investment requirement for citizenship that is either in the form of:

  • A $100,000 USD donation to the country that is not refundable
  • Or $200,000 USD real estate investment.

Both options are simple to invest in and can be a relatively painless process and can be assisted by Farani Taylor with our skilled and experienced citizenship employees.

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Program Facts

  • The citizenship allows dual nationalities based on the legal requirement of your home country.
  • The citizenship is not currently available to North Korean, Yemen, Sudan and Somalian investors.
  • A visa is required for travel to the US, Canada and Schengen treaty countries but is readily available with a Dominican passport.
  • Application fees are approximately $9,000 to $12,000 USD for investment per person.

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