Investing in property is a huge decision and the process can be protracted and stressful at times.

At Farani Taylor we have expert property lawyers who can help with both commercial and private conveyancing to make sure you receive all the support you need. Whether you are buying or selling, or leasing a property, our experienced team will help get you the very best deal.

Conveyancing may sound like a technical term but it simply means the process of preparing documents for the transfer of a property. This could be a warehouse, factory, office or a residential home; it could even simply be a piece of land. There are many aspects of law which must be considered during the conveyancing process such as the sale price, fixing the boundaries, specifying any planning restrictions and specifying whether fixtures and fittings are included.

The process is split into three distinct parts and we are able to help you right from the start. The sooner we are involved, the more quickly we can get to work and carry out the necessary checks. Before you enter into an agreement, known as exchanging contracts, it’s important to carry out due diligence on what you plan on buying. This involves formally surveying the property, checking the legal status and whether any restrictions apply.

If all the checks come back as satisfactory, we can schedule a date for exchange and then completion. On exchange a deposit of 10% is paid to the seller. If you fail to complete you may lose this deposit and the seller can claim compensation. This is why it’s essential to have a reliable property solicitor on board from the start to identify problems quickly.

We can provide expert advice with all aspects of conveyancing, which includes remortgaging and commercial properties too. We can also help with leasehold agreements too, helping you to get the best possible deal.

At Farani Taylor we understand that you want the process to be completed as quickly and as smoothly as possible, with the minimum of hassle. We endeavour to keep costs as low as possible from beginning to end without compromising our outstanding service. From the moment you start to look for a property until you walk in your new front door, we offer a complete package of professional help and advice at an affordable price.

To speak to a member of our conveyancing team, contact us today on 020 7242 1666.

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