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Human Rights Lawyer joins Farani Taylor

Farani Taylor Solicitors is very proud to welcome Gustavo Bussmann as part of the team. Gustavo Bussman He is an expert in Human Rights and International Law. He has 7 years experience and is extremely skilled and knowledgeable. He has dealt with a range of cases including some brought to the Supreme Court and International Courts. As an invaluable member of the Farani Taylor team, he can assist in various areas of Human Rights and

Tier 1 Investor – “No Signs of Slowing Down”

The UK continues to be an attractive prospect for wealthy foreign nationals and the Tier 1 investor route is proving to be a popular option. The Office for National statistics recently published figures showing a sharp increase in the number of Tier 1 investor visas applications granted in 2017. In total 274 visas were granted in 2017 compared to 215 being issued in 2016. The Tier 1 investor visa allows high net worth individuals to

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