SORTI – by Fehmina Farani

The vote for EU referendum on 23rd June has become a sign of a vital milestone for the future of Britain and Europe concurrently. We all know this; however, the jeopardy lies underneath the two flags named ‘in or out’ of EU zone.

This issue is an amalgamation of various aspects of an individual’s life in the UK. The most significant question emerges in one’s mind is where would we stand if we leave. The hard hit would be the economy of the UK. The panic could be the worst than the aftermath of recent recession.

According to the UK Government research data, EU is our 44% buyer of our goods and services which we sell to almost and over 500 million customers in the member states. EU has invested 540 billion in the UK which enabled creation of jobs in the UK.

HM Treasury analysis shows ‘Britain’s economy could be tipped into a year-long recession. At least 500,000 jobs could be lost and GDP could be around 3.6% lower following a vote to leave the EU than it would be if we remained in the EU. Average real wages could be nearly 3% lower than if we remained in the EU, which would amount to a reduction of £800 a year for someone working full time on the average wage. Treasury analysis also shows that if the UK leaves the EU, after 15 years this could mean: a cost per year equivalent to £4,300 per household in the UK, a hit to tax receipts of £36 billion a year, this is the equivalent of an extra 8p on the basic rate of income tax.’

The influences, which favor leave, are convinced that UK parliament would be free from Brussels control to draft local legislation. It would enable us to spend £350 million a week on our infrastructure instead of feeding the EU. Alternative debate is that the access to free single market would be limited and squeeze the negotiation powers with 50 countries outside of EU. When it comes to deals with the US, Canada or Europe for trade, UK would be left behind without Brussels’ power of negotiation.

The slogan of present Government was to bring down the net immigration to 100,000, whereas it is still around 300,000 a year. Only few people have spoken about the most significant question that why we need to reduce the migration. Whether the number of immigrants is a problem or the kind of immigrants enter in the UK is a reason of war to win.

Immigrants were always blamed to be a burden on NHS, education and other services in the UK without acknowledging that the migrants have been conducive to the economy of the UK. The public policy has been atrocious and failed to address the institutional problems and also failed to deal with the public spending. Due to its fragile planning about the spending of public funds on appropriate infrastructure and at right timings became a constant and painful reality for labour class. The constant impression of today’s Government, is sloppy and slow. The fact that native Britons’ working class is fading out and is replaced by the immigrants extensively. Due to this fact most of the groups have become hostile against the immigrants. Similarly their children are hardly attending schools and colleges. The laid back attitude has become a part of their culture and part of their life style. The Government has cut down the benefits majorly but we hardly notice any alternative source of reinvesting those funds to rejuvenate major infrastructures like NHS, education, housing etc.

Whereas, the immigrants are skilled, vibrant and hardworking. They are ready to make a better Britain with new spirits. Of course such new spirit requires immense determination. Leave campaign has to recognise the need of the immigrants.

Leave campaign believe in independence without acknowledging that such solitary would make the UK deprived of countless benefits. Whereas, by adopting liberal approach we can run huge miles towards prosperity.

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