The 2012 Olympics – victorious, But Litigious, Britain!

As we bask in the sporting triumphs of Team GB’s athletes and feel proud of the victorious third place standing of our small nation amongst the world’s giants, behind the scenes there’s a surprising hive of litigious activity.

Law firms and barristers’ chambers have been instructed by both companies and individuals, who have sought legal action to enforce their rights against the different bodies involved in the Olympics. Olympic governing bodies, ruling committees and other Olympians now find themselves subject to litigation to overturn decisions and claims commenced against them.

Next come the athletes appealing against the initial selection process and overall medal positioning. We’ve seen boxers, wrestlers, rowers, shooters, show jumpers and more add to the courtroom drama of this year’s home games.

With such high stakes involved, whether it’s a company’s reputation or individual’s sporting achievement, it’s clear that expert litigation representation is the only solution.

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